Is Social Media an Oxymoron?

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I decided begin my blogging by delving into some of the main categories that will be covered on this blog. Of course I am open to any suggestions from my readers. Today’s post is about social media. In the coming months, I will write about specific social media topics, such as Twitter. But for this post, I just want to talk about the whole category. Social media. On the Web, social media are sites that allow you to communicate with others. Very social, right? I remember when being social meant talking to someone, maybe even seeing their face. I mean how can media be social? Does the media socialize?

No, in a way you use social media to be social. Well, some of us really think that social media takes away a lot of personalization and privacy. I agree. With today’s social media information about you is available for the entire world to see. So you ask, why do I need this?

Well, the answer is, it depends. It is impossible to ignore these new advances and we all should know a little about it before we make any decisions on weather or how to use it. Each person has their own situation and social media sites should be used (or not used) according to that. So what good does it do me? Well let’s see.

Wow, I haven’t seen him (or her) in years!!

One of the best features of social media is finding someone from your past. Maybe someone you grew up with. Maybe someone from the university or college you attended or a former co-worker. I know I have gotten email messages (well maybe not LOTS, but some) asking “Are you the David Goldman from Blah Blah? I saw your profile on LinkedIn (or whatever).” I have actually been able to see and meet some of the people and re-connect to them. Really great. The great thing is even if you have moved away and are nowhere near where you used to live (as I have), this can still happen. One great thing (and maybe it is a bad thing at the same time) is that the Web really makes the world a very small place.

Hey, How did she (or he) find out about that job!?

Did you hear that an ex-colleague just got a job at the company you always wanted to work for. And she was about your age, too. How did she find out about it? You check the job listings everyday. You even looked at some of the big job sites on the Internet. Well, your friend probably used social media to make the right contacts. Today, much networking is done using the Web. Using the Web expands a person’s network by about a gazillion times. Some social network sites, such as LinkedIn, specifically focus on professional activities and job searches. So even if you have no use for being really social on the Web (and that’s cool), social media may still be a great tool for you to use.

He (She) tweeted? You mean like a bird!?

Well, most of know what a “tweet” is on the web. Go to my twitter page to see some tweets. I have recently added a  twitter button on the right side here. But the Web today seems to have it’s own language. For example, this whole post is about social media, which is a way of setting up a community of users where each person can determine who is part of their community. I also used the word “post” a few times. This is just another word for an article in a blog like this one. You can use the word as a verb, too. For example, “I posted another one today.”

Do you know what Delicious is? No, not something that tastes great, it is a site where you can bookmark all of the great stuff you find here on the Web. There are things out there like IM (also can be used as a verb), Wiki, RSS, and Flickr (yeah, that’s spelled right). You may have heard about these things, but how do we use them to help us in real life? I guess that’s the gist of this blob.

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