Hacking your Life Makes Things Easy

Life hacks can make your life easier

Hacker: noun

1 : one that hacks

: a person who is inexperienced or unskilled at a particular activity <a tennis hacker>3

3 : an expert at programming and solving problems with a computer

: a person who illegally gains access to and sometimes tampers with information in a computer system


Are you a hack? Hacking for us baby boomers is definitely a real nasty thing.  We do not want to associate with some hack.  Our first thought might be that someone is really big phony. “Well, he’s really a big hack, he doesn’t know what he’ doing,” is something we may have thought about someone before. In the computer world, we boomers probably think of some illegal activity. Someone maliciously hacking into your bank’s computer system to steal some valuable information. Some of us may remember Oliver Wendall Jones in Bloom County. The little kid who was always hacking into some sensitive government computer system and causing havoc. Or maybe you remember the movie War Games, where a kid thinks he’s playing an online video game but it turns out he is really inside the NORAD computer system and accidentally launches an actual missile strike. Ahh! the early days of the Internet and computers. We were both fascinated and scared of it at the same time.

 Hacking is Good?

Yeah, it  is. Today the term hacking can mean to use a computer or some other means, usually something technological, in a creative way to make things easier.  As a matter of fact, a hack is anything that you do to improvise to get something done. And the Internet is the place where you can find lots of life hacks. There are plenty of Web sites out there that can help you get things done better and faster. But you have to know what to look for.

First of all, there’s Google

There’s always Google or your favorite search engine. The search engine is where you type in your search. No matter how you do it, using a search box or in the address bar of your browser (that’s the box at the top with the Web address of the site you are reading), it is a search engine that will find you the results. That engine just looks at the millions of sites on the Internet and lists the ones that are most likely to help you. But how can Google help you to hack your life?

A good question. It’s really simple, you just got to know what to ask. Life hacks usually help you with organization, productivity, setting goals, or improving communications. So just look for any of these topics. You don’t have to look for the word “hack,” but you sure can combine it with other words in a search. Another good term to use if you want some good productivity hacks is GTD. GTD is a favorite among many of the Web’s best life hackers. It means “Getting Things Done” and it is a productivity system set up by a man named David Allen. Allen’s book is a best seller. I have never read it, but I have learned a lot about his system just from reading blogs about GTD. These blogs provide suggestions and hacks on Getting Things Done.

Blogs, Do I Have to Read Them, Too?

No you don’t gotta read ’em, but you should. When you type in productivity hacks or other types of hacks into Google, you will defiantly get many blog posts in your search results. I will talk about using blogs, and of course if you are reading this you know about blogs. But tell your friends how blogs can help you. Some blogs that specialize in life hacks are Lifehacker and Stepcase Lifehack. I am not especially recommending these blogs specifically, but they are a good start. They talk about how to organize your life in terms of productivity, home, family, and work. Check them out and look for more.

 But Could you Give Me an Example?

Well OK. Most hacks revolve around productivity. How you can use a notebook and your computer to keep track of your daily goals is one main example. Probably hundreds of blog posts are written about this. Just look it up. But you can always find great hacks in almost all areas in life. For example, Lifehacker had a post on how to use natural products that you already have instead of buying expensive stuff. For example, instead of buying ant traps, you could use cucumbers. Sounds weird, I know, but it supposed to work. See the article “Top 10 Products You Don’t Need (Because You Already Have Them In Your Home).”

If you have other blogs you know about or some special life hack you use, share it with us in the comments section. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by using one of the options (email, RSS, or Twitter). Just click one of the icons on the right. Please help some of your other baby boomer friends (or anyone else) come to visit this blog. The more the merrier.

Thanks for reading.

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