The Baby Boomer Guide to Internet Fitness

And you know, the baby boomers are getting older, and those off the rack clothes are just not fitting right any longer, and so, tailor-made suits are coming back into fashion.–Amy Irving

We Baby Boomers think that Internet Fitness is really an oxymoron. It is impossible to exercise while surfing the Web, except maybe for your fingers and eyes. But the Internet has a wealth of information on senior fitness and fitness in general and I want to show you how to find it. Just one caveat, though. Once you find the information, then you must do it. Just reading will only help your eyes, maybe.

There are many blogs out there that will show you how to live better, have a better life, or how to get fit. And this blog isn’t one of them. Here at the Baby Boomer Web we strive to show you how to use the World Wide Web in your everyday life. So this post will show you how to use the Web to learn how to stay fit at any age.

Getting Fit

We all know that as life moves on, we have less and less time to do things for ourselves or to take care of ourselves. Or maybe we are just too tired and we hop off to bed at 10:30 then wake up late. Many of the blogs out there on the Web will tell you that exercising will help take care of that. Do you exercise? Why not? Is it because you can’t get motivated? Can’t find the time? What kinds of exercises would you do if you could exercise?

How Can I Get Fit at My Age?

That is a good question. But it is possible to get back into the routine at any age. I did. And I feel much better about myself these days. The best way to do this is to start small. That is advice that I learned from a blog called Zen Habits. Zen Habits has been called one of the best blogs on the Web by Time magazine. Leo Babauta writes about simplicity and often talks about health issues and has some great exercise suggestions from time to time. It is not aimed directly at baby boomers, but his advice is invaluable to everyone. Later I will provide you with a link to one of his older posts that points the way to many health blogs. But what I wanted to say is that Leo writes that you start everything with one step. Can’t get motivated to do start a daily exercise routine or take that daily walk or run, just vow to lace up your shoes. That’s all. Next thing you know you will be out the door and little by little you will start to create that walking habit. I am now up to about 2 miles a day and every now and then I add some more. But don’t forget, you may want to consult with a doctor first if you have some major health issues. He or she will provide you with some good advice on how to get started.

Where can I Get Information About this on the Web

Well, as I hinted above, there is tons of information floating around out there. First let’s start with blogs. Zen Habits is one of the best out there. Although it is not a fitness blog, fitness is one of the topics discussed. Here is a link to a post from 2010 that lists some of the better fitness blogs out there. Note that I did not test all the links in the blog post, so there may be one or two that are no longer active as the post is a couple of years old now. Here is the link,

Another good blog is called Nerd Fitness. If you are looking for senior health issues, a great blog is one called Age Myths ( ) . She doesn’t post that often, but her posts are great.

In addition to blogs there are some regular Web sites out there that will get you started. WebMD talks about all kinds of health issues and has a large section on fitness for all ages and has some good stuff on senior fitness, too. This is an important Web site that should not be missed. Prevention magazine has a great site that talks about health issues, just like the printed magazine. There are great diet plans, exercises, and fitness plans on that site. Of course they aim mainly at women’s issues. Their sister (or brother) site, called Men’s Health has the same type of stuff for men. I just found a good 15 minute workout that I am going to try to do on my lunch hour at work.

How did I find that? Well, I found it after reading a Zen Habits post that talked about different exercises. One of them was called a body-weight squat. I wanted to know how to do that, so I looked it up on Google. I found the Men’s Health article right away. See, really easy. Now I am ready to implement it.

You should also do your own Google (or other search engine) search. Look for “senior fitness,” “baby boomer fitness” or “senior health”. You will find some good stuff right away. Just now I found a site called Gray Iron Fitness, written by a man in his 70’s. I don’t know much about the site, but it is worth checking out.

Now Get Down to Business

Like I said at the top of the post, you will not get into shape from the Internet alone. The Internet is there to help you find your way. Just like I needed to know how to do a body-weight squat and I found out. But I will get nothing out of it until I start doing the body weight squats. So go out there and find what you need. Then do it.

How do you intend to use the Web to further your health and fitness goals? What kind of stuff do you want to do or know? Let us know in the comments below. If you know of any great blogs or other sites, list them in the comments, too. It is great to share. Don’t forget to follow The Baby Boomer Web by email or RSS or follow us on Twitter. The buttons are on the right side. And don’t forget to invite a friend. Thanks for reading.

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