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Hacking your Life Makes Things Easy

Hacker: noun 1 : one that hacks 2 : a person who is inexperienced or unskilled at a particular activity <a tennis hacker>3 3 : an expert at programming and solving problems with a computer 4 : a person who illegally gains access to and sometimes tampers with information in a computer system – Are you a hack? Hacking for us baby boomers is…

Your Computer, Magic? Or Just a Tool?

We baby boomers remember when computers were a new thing. Wow! So and so has a new Apple II! Let’s go play!  That computer was cool. You could do anything with it. You could type something and then move it to another place in the document just by pasting it there. You could even erase…

About this Boomer

Hi, My name is David Goldman and this blog is not about the World Wide Web. It will talk about that, but mostly this blog will talk about how today's technology has changed the way we go about our everyday lives. Technology, especially the World Wide Web, has changed the way we live our everyday lives. I want to empower you with the knowledge of today's technology to compete with vigor in today's world. You can click the link below to find out some more about me and this blog.

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